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To grow the channels for an individual take up entrepreneurship.

To help the community we serve with a greater objective and determine their achievable goal.

Accencis India – A preferred choice

Accencis India – A preferred choice

# Professionally managed company with a mission and vision well defined

# Experience span of more than 20 years in Business & Manpower Consulting.

# A fully equipped infrastructure for in house training.

# Attention to detail is the principal

Accencis India – Live our culture

Accencis India – Live our culture

# Customer Focus
# Responsibility for results
# Initiative with speed
# Self confidence with consciousness
# Passion for achievement
# Talent recognition
# Acquisition of customers
# Learning
# Excellence in what we do

Accencis India

Accencis India

# Leadership with innovation

# Excellence in execution for Business practices for Start Ups/ SMEs

# Pioneering spirit to make the Enterpreneur's journey

# Tenacity for results for utmost client satisfaction

# Fairness through meritocracy we deserve

# Trust based upon accountability

HR Growth & Excellence - Anticipate change: Thrive in the digital era

60% of HR leaders in India are confident in HR’s ability to transform the workforce and themselves. Common characteristics will be delivering predictive insights, believing in and driving digital agenda, reshaping the workforce and enhancing the employee experience.

Ignore change - Struggle to adapt to digital era: HR extinction

7% of HR leaders in India are less or not confident in their ability to transform the workforce and themselves. Common characteristics are HR not seen as value driver, currently apprehensive of Artificial Intelligence, HR not using predictive insights and no digital plan in place (or planning to)

Key findings

A little more than two thirds of HR executives agree that HR has undergone or is undergoing digital transformation but only 47% of HR leaders said that they have digital work plan in place at the enterprise or HR level. More HR executives at 91% recognise the need for workforce transformation whereas 60% feel very confident about HR’s actual ability to transform and move them forward via key capabilities like analytics and AI.
According to the studies the skills required in 2022 and beyond apart from education are Negotiation Skills, Resourcefulness, Decision Making, Emotional Quotient, Work Ethics, Deep Thinking, Managing under Critics, Problem Solving, Harmony amongst Team members, etc.

Accencis India

# Understand market knowledge trend vis a vis competition
# Maximize productivity by deploying right resources and realigning them
# Identify the need for product training
# Team building – Inculcate the culture of taking competition head on
# Adopt “ Go to the Market Strategy” – Meet customers, bridge the gap if any, resolve issues timely
# Personnel and professional development of employees customer
# Identify engine of growth and ensure profitable business model
# Focus on business development
# Customer deliverables on time – Ensure synergy between order pick up to execution
# Franchisee development

Executive Summary

Leading company in Business Consulting & Manpower, specializing in HR Shared Services, Recruitment, Payroll & Compliance Management, and HR Technology Solutions
A Pioneer in identifying and resolving problem areas
Expanding the growth modules with Companies
Offering best of the breed HR Business Solutions to over 1500+ clients.
Designed & implemented processes across the verticals of top MNC and Corporate.
Delivering employee services across regions and time zones
Imparting world class training and development in-house as well outsourced

Managing relationships

# Work on your attitude
# Remain calm
# Never assume or presume
# Learn to listen and hear
# Maintain respect
# Balance boundaries and flexibilities
# Do not try and control relationships
# Courtesy at all times.
# Avoid anti- relationship mentality.
# Remember- people deal with those they like
# Practice relationship building as a conscious exercise

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As COVID-19 forced millions of workers to make the transition to full-time remote work, many company leaders worried that productivity would take a hit—that the comfort of working from home would lull staff into a laissez-faire attitude. But, it turns out the opposite has happened: worker productivity is up substantially, and as a result, many companies plan to double their remote workforce in the coming year.

But, while we’ve been getting more done, innovation has slowed, with most companies citing the feeling of disconnect and challenges in remote collaboration as key incumbrances. In the coming year, companies will need to double-down on their communication efforts to keep employees engaged and moving the company forward, not just toiling over busywork.

Goal alignment plays a key role in driving innovation and motivating your team to continue to push the envelope. Of course, remote work arrangements make accountability a bit more challenging, but there are several strategies you can implement to emphasize accountability and achievement in 2022 and beyond.

  1. Map individual goals to company goals.
  2. Gather employee input.
  3. Communicate the change.
  4. Weave goals into day-to-day activities.
  5. Be realistic and sensitive.

Those concessions will need to continue into 2022 and beyond as things may not look all that much different. But the new working realities don’t fundamentally change the company’s or the employee’s individual goals—it just changes how we allow for that work to get done. So, while companies need to be considerate, regular communication is key to maintain accountability. Conducting frequent check-ins with employees where team leaders discuss not only progress toward goals but also any work/life challenges can help keep you aware of any issues and make adjustments as needed before a problem snowballs out of control.

One thing’s for sure: we’re all doing our best to adapt to the new reality. That’s something we can all take comfort in—from the CEO all the way down the org chart, adjusting to this new way of working is a universal condition. In many ways, that makes it much easier to not only be empathetic but also creative in how we work together to achieve our goals in the coming year.

The year 2021, let’s approach with a clear ongoing communication strategy, reasonable goals that map from company-wide to the individual level and a collaborative process can help keep your company moving forward and your employees engaged.