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We worked hard understanding the work culture of corporate and the struggle of job seeker. We graduated working under prevailing situations for 28 years, having witnessed the work culture in MNC’s, Top Indian corporate house, SMEs, by virtue of working in them and scaling at the top positions., life was never easy to prove the best of yourself under enormous pressure. We learned the government machinery and observed closely the challenges it has to offer to common people which gave us the courage, belief and a foundation to mitigate the challenges a professional life has to offer.

01. Planning & Strategy

The basic and the most effective methods are identifying the job opening, which starts with job vacancy due to employee termination, resignation or due to the organization grow. After we identified a vacancy, we need to decide how to fill job opening and with whom. Managers have to go step by step to decide if they actually need to fill this position and on what basis and which candidates to hire: external or internal. The last few steps are identifying candidates, notify candidates by delivering a message, set up an appointment and meet those candidates.

Internal or External Strategy Identification Internal External Many employers try to follow a “promote from within” policy when filling job vacancies because:
1. Capitalize on investments
2. Promotions reward employees
3. Job opportunities created by promotions
4. Management is already aware of the job history and capability of internal candidates
5. Internal resources may facilitate compliance with EEO/AA requirements, maximize prior investments in existing human resources, eliminate the need for orientation, minimize training time, and reduce recruiting time and associated expenses.
6. Exhausted their supply of internal candidates  Recruiting specialized talent or higher level positions
7. Made a conscious decision to recruit externally

02. Client’s Satisfaction

Client satisfaction be it a job seeker or an employer recruiting them has always been of paramount importance. We work around on the philosophy of one of attribute from Leadership through Quality. If we have any dissatisfaction among any of our client and we make an immediate amend to it the chances of getting repeat business stand out tall at 94% with those clients referring us to 4% more clients. We also get into the root cause and analyse using 5 Y techniques that why dissatisfaction ever occurred at the first place. As we listen and we care.

Being in business for 16 years helping companies grow with our services is satisfying yet not content. We value the sentiments of companies, individuals and drive our solutions around them.

Cynosure Technologies Pvt Ltd was formed in 2003 with one objective which was to understand and implement the HR management system. The journey to success has its own course, being in the industry for so long we still are learning ways and means to improve and contribute for the growth of an Organization and the individuals per our value statement thereby becoming a small yet powerful contributor to economic growth of the nation.

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