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We offer the complete package or the modules which are scalable to the employer as per the need and future requirement. The modules we offer are,

Manpower Recruitment Services:

Our strength lies in our being cost effective, fast in execution of projects and maintaining a sizeable computerized Data bank. All applicants are initially interviewed and technician’s trade tested in their particular fields, to be accepted in the data-bank. Our database consists of the entire gamut of human resources extending from artisans, supervisors, engineers, IT professionals, administrative staff and specialist in various fields.

Our dedication to customer satisfaction has brought us to the forefront in resourcing business. Being the best is not easy; you are always being watched by the market critics. We stay ahead of competition by our diligence and our devotion to service. Better quality of service and price competitiveness has helped us to stay in a commanding position.

We lay emphasis on the individual solutions, which are mutually beneficial by matching right people with the right job, thus providing a unique service to the industry. We take great care in properly identifying qualified, trained and experienced personnel for contractual or permanent employment. It is the quality of the professionals hired by the company, which provides the winning edge over others in today’s highly competitive business world. The belief, which keeps us going, is that “there is always room at the top.”

The experience of the past decade has made Accencis India emerge as an agency specialized in Technical Staffing. Besides placement of staff, we also offer consultancy service.

Our feathers in crown, some of the prestigious to work with. They are our pride and competitor’s envy.

Training, Learning & Development:


It is our firm belief that companies have the right resources but yet some of them struggle to perform and produce the desired productivity creating an imbalance. No matter how much education one has gathered irrespective of getting professional degree from reputed institutes, the refresher courses are must. It is an endeavor both for the Company and the individual.

An individual has to be perfect in some of the mandatory skill set which are required to perform the duties under pressure. Same stands true for the employer to conduct training, learning and development programs for the employees on regular basis.

Firing an employee is not an answer to address the performance issues. Remember it has taken the sweat out in selection process, lot goes in terms of time, money, energy and resources. Man hours for three to six month probation are spent exhaustively to seal the future of the employee as permanent in the Organization or not.

We have specialized courses under Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) which ideally is decided during the appraisal of the employee.

We have tailor made training modules developed to improve upon the performance and productivity, from all soft skills to Sales Management Process, even Strategic thinking for the CEO. We conduct these programs in-house or outsourced and also conduct for the individuals based on specific assessment.


  • Human Resource Training (A must for those in HR or seeking a job in HR & Administration)
  • Work Ethics
  • Behavior
  • Stress Management
  • Effective Human Relation At Work
  • Change Management
  • Improving Office Efficiency & Productivity
  • Creating Positive Work Culture
  • Customer Orientation & Services
  • Total Quality Management
  • Selling Skills
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • Character Building
  • Communication Skills
  • Conflict Management
  • Creativity
  • Decision Making
  • EQ & IQ
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Interview Skills
  • Leadership Qualities
  • Marketing basics for Entrepreneur
  • Problem Solving
  • Team Work
  • Time Management
  • Sales Management Program
  • Call Center Program
  • Self Confidence

TIMELABS Human Resource Management System – One of the best in India:

“Time” is one important thing in this world which cannot be spent or earned by an individual’s choice. It can only be saved and that’s what Timelabs do for you.

Timelabs offers comprehensive time and attendance system along with Payroll and other modules that forms the core part of HR functions. Our payroll software will set you free from the daunting task of MANUALLY calculating salary at the end of each month. Our bio-metric system will ensure the accuracy of the employee authentication. Modules of Timeslabs HR Management system,

  • Employee Management
  • Time Attendance
  • Advance Leave Management
  • Employee Self-Service
  • Mobile Application
  • MIS Reporting
  • Device Management
  • Schedulers and mail integration
  • Payroll Management
  • Performance Management
  • Web Reporting
  • Bio metric Devices

Timelabs is integrated with high quality bio-metric time attendance machine that include fingerprint, face recognition machines or any other time attendance system that keeps track on employees working hours and attendance management. Its advance payroll software will make it easy for you to maintain payroll along with deductions and inclusions if any. This software will provide accurate results along with enhanced employee productivity.

Content Writing:


A well written content about any campaign, product, brand, and logo is the key to success. It provides a direct impact on the buyer’s mind and is remembered for long which is referred quite often. A well-documented content is the back bone and story line up for the follow up.

We are professional and original. There are many angles to write a content, be it for a web site, a blog or a story. The content has to be provocative to engage the audience targeted at. Some of basic ideology we posses while we write a content for a client are,

  1. We invest time in what the audience targeted needs in a content.
  2. Dedicated professional to the content marketing strategy.
  3. We set high editorial standards which simply means the grammar used, vocabulary required (easy or hard words) and minutest detail which is required on a simple yet powerful content.
  4. We build a presence on social network.
  5. Be consistent in all parameters of a content.

As an individual I am very impressed with a tag line of “SONY” till date in the history of advertisement or a punch line. ” IT’S A SONY”. I mean how strong and powerfully the words are placed. Its a Sony, it ends every speculation.

We possess 25 years of experience in content writing, having written blogs, website, and debates for many customers in India and abroad. We write about everything.

Training on HRMS software for pursuing a career in HR:

We have a tailor made training module for people working in HR or wish to pursue career in HR and Admin. This training module is must which gives an expertise to understand, implement and run the HRMS software. There is a massive gap in demand and supply for this particular job portfolio. We are the creators of “Timelabs” HRMS software, one of the best in India. Our software clients demand for such professionals.

We understand the pain of our clients using our Timelabs HRMS. As a part of our package, we train, develop, nurture two dedicated resources as designated by our client in running HRMS software which by enlarge remains a grey area as the resources once trained quit their Organization and join another as by now they have qualified themselves for the next level of their career and leave the previous client reeling. They have often expressed the desire to provide them with our own trained manpower trained on running rules and policies of Payroll, Employee Self Service, PMS, etc.

This is a career stream which should be adopted by every fresher pursuing a career in HR.

This is a one month training module which covers with 20 days of hands on back end of our software and 5 days of theory.

Payroll Outsourcing:

Payroll outsourcing is one of the biggest challenges for any company. Keeping the tab on employees attendance, leave, etc. puts up an extra pressure on salary disbursement department, also they have to abide by the rules and regulations levied by the agencies like deductions and many more statutory compliance they have to follow with the government authorities and the excess number of employees dedicated for salary disbursement. We have a special cell to address the issue. Simply outsource the payroll to us and have a peace of mind.

We have created and successfully implemented payroll system and have a decent exposure in payroll outsourcing. A professional team at it works in conjunction with the client’s payroll resources and ensures every penny disbursed is accounted for.

Manpower Outsourcing:

Perhaps your HR department needs to focus on the core tasks of your business. Maybe your company has decided on cutting cost by slashing down the internal HR department. Or, it might be that there is too much load for solely the internal HR team to manage.

The reason why companies opt for manpower outsourcing could by any, but the benefits are assured. Businesses of any size – small or enterprise scale- can reap the benefits of outsourcing their manpower or human resource function.

Saves Cost: Needless to say, outsourcing any function means alleviating the need to hire ten to fifteen salaried employees. Operating your HR functions internally would mean having to add more people to the team as the work pressure increases. This means incurring increasing expenses. However, this is not the case when you outsource this function. In fact, the larger your company, the more you will save by outsourcing your manpower functions.

Saves Time: As the saying goes time is money. This is all the more true in today’s frantically paced world. Running a business does not only consume a lot of time but is also very stressful. Delegation is therefore crucial for being able to manage work productively. HR outsourcing sees to it that only is the work-load being reduced for your business, but that you can complete your core responsibilities in time, efficiently.

Ensures Smooth Operations: Imagine a sudden influx of work or a number of HR employees leaving your organization. This would undoubtedly halt operations and cause unprecedented delay in work. You can safeguard yourself from such contingencies by outsourcing your HR function. The ability to keep your day-to-day activities unaffected by work load or absenteeism is one of the key benefits of manpower outsourcing.

Expertise: Trained employees can bring expert skills in solving any HR function related problems more effectively and efficiently. This in turn would mean excellence in executing your HR function, which can prove to be very beneficial for your business in the long-run.

Saves Cost: This time we are talking about overhead costs or expenses. You do not need to incur overhead expenses such as cost of laptops, electricity, office space etc. if you outsource any function including HR. By opting for manpower outsourcing you will not need to worry about any upgrades on this front and save heavily.

Leave the hassle free manpower outsourcing to us.

KRA Management:

Performance Management System (PMS) is getting deployed in almost all the companies these days for a better control over employees and most importantly to enhance productivity but are not sure of the process. We have an expertise in designing the KRA as a parameter and KPI as the sub set of all the functions we give a detailed road map for the KPI/ KRA and share a detailed analysis on ratings, appraisals, reviews and processes along with a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP).

Setting up the KRA is a critical composition of evaluating the performance of an employee. In absence of KRA, an employee is totally goalless, clueless, directionless in meeting his obligation towards a job. The desired results and output is not possible if a set of well defined KRA is not laid.

KRAs and KPIs is so essential for any company as water is to a being. It is a powerful tool which provides a tab for performance, productivity of any employee for that matter. The loyalty and integrity can also be well monitored.

The flow of KRA is from the top management to bottom laid like a pyramid. Some companies prefer a reverse pyramid kind of situation which means KRA flows from bottom to the top management.

We design KRA in an exhaustive yet fruitful discussion with all the process owners.

Times are such that every day many start-ups are operational and more than that are either on the verge of closure or facing heavy losses. We consult such struggling ones and derive a strategy to overcome the bottlenecks and come out as a winner.

A key element and the most important point while you hire a new employee is the reference check of an employee. Before you hire, get it completely checked. This includes previous employment, academic details, character, information, integrity and any criminal record. We give a detailed report as conducted for the employee.

Understanding your Needs

We study your requirement and discuss details with your representative to obtain a complete understanding of your needs. Should you so desire, our executive may even visit you.

Client’s Discussions

We work closely with our customers, to clearly understand how our business relationship can grow. After this we ask you to submit documents like:

  • Agency Agreement,
  • Demand Letter,
  • Employee Services Agreement etc. to provide you a prompt service.

Evaluation of Personnel

Our executive team takes over from here. We refer to our existing network and receive immediate feedback on the availability of the required personnel. We make special effort to keep our data bank updated and duly supplement it periodically. In order to widen our choice or to locate persons matching your precise specifications, we may also advertise in the media or, if necessary, resort to head hunt.

We scrutinize the resumes received and shortlist the candidates based on merit and invite them for an interview which is carried out at two levels to ensure recruiter does not have to spend much time in evaluation and shortlisting thereby reducing the man hours, time & resources. We carry out an in depth analysis of the job specification and match the candidates to meet the employer-employee equation, to avoid any disappointment later due to a mismatch. The final shortlisted resumes are dispatched to the employer for his final selection.

The Selection Options

To make the final selections, we offer the following options for consideration by the client.

The entire selection procedure is left to CGHRC, where our team of professionals take on the full responsibility of providing the best work force as per your job specifications.

In case the principal employer wishes to carry out the selection through his team of experts, we welcome the client’s team to visit our office in Noida & Jaipur (India). We shall provide all assistance in carrying out trade test / interview.

Follow up

With each new assignment, our workers have to join a new set of co-workers’, new procedures, and changing routines. It is our responsibility to ensure that the transition is as smoothly as possible. This makes them more confident and better-prepared employees.

The process we adopt is to reduce the valuable time and resources spent by the employer in all stages of recruitment. More importantly to serve limited candidates maintaining the quality standards for complete employer satisfaction.

  1. Shortlisting of candidates as per the jobs roles and responsibility to ensure the right candidate for the right job.
  2. Shortlisted candidates are further filtered by Head HR before sharing it with the employer.
  3. Back ground checks are performed prior to the interview.
  4. Conduct mock interview for any desired profile before presenting for the employer.
  5. Bridge the communication gap if any between the job seeker and the employer.
  6. Play a pivotal role in remuneration negotiation, creating a win win situation for both the employer and the job seeker.
  7. Share feedback and stored in server for future reference.
  8. Close monitoring with the employer related to code of conduct, ethics and performance of the candidate employed.
  9. Employers HR Heads are called for HR conclave conducted time to time to share their best practices and their case studies are highlighted in various international and national forums. This helps building their brand image.