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Accencis India

Strengthening Workforce

Home Methodology
  1. We are a well-knit with corporate community and have an approach meant for junior to senior management   jobs.
  2. We focus on fresher, those who are unemployed for long, those who have lost jobs due to any reason and those who struggle to get jobs on account of age, 45 years and above.
  3. There are different modules on personal and professional front, customized as per individual’s requirement.
  4. Along with the registration we provide a life time membership card for the candidate which can be used for any HR related and counselling purposes by his/ her family.
  5. Dual level screening and counselling, first from the Head – Talent Acquisition and final from Head HR.
  6. Dual level discussion on candidates interests, strength, weakness area of expertise if the candidate is not a fresher.
  7. Detailed discussions on current industrial growth and feedback where getting the employment has bright future.
  8. Detailed discussion over eliminating weaknesses and apprehension gets chartered out and implemented if the candidate is willing to do so.
  9. Work upon the body language to ensure maximize the confidence.
  10. Improvement in resume if required.
  11. Detailed psychological and behavioural interview techniques shared.
  12. Job specific training is imparted if desired.
  13. Regular follow up with the candidate to ensure his capability and moral are high and confident exposure is maintained at all times.
  14. List the employees on job portals.
  15. Immigration services for further studies and work.

Minutest detailing is carried out over a candidate. A SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats) analysis gives us the area of improvement if a candidate requires starting from the resume, body language, confidence to the needs of professional or soft skills training required. If a candidate choses to opt for any module, the mentor is provided one on one.