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Standing out among other candidates can be challenging, no matter what position you are striving for. In order to differentiate yourself you must bring more to the table than your work experience and hard skills.

While it’s true that hiring managers are looking for someone with the right qualifications for the job, they also want someone who will work cooperatively with their coworkers, get work done efficiently, and create a positive work environment.

Strong soft skills are integral to a successful career and are guaranteed to impress employers.

But what are soft skills, how do you develop them, and just how will they benefit your success in the workplace?

What Are Soft Skills?

The term ‘soft skills’ refers to a person’s social skills and personal attributes, such as their ability to create a harmonious atmosphere when interacting with others.

When working with other employees, it is crucial to establish a productive and peaceful work environment. A person with good soft skills has the ability to create that atmosphere using their great communication and teamwork skills.

Many people believe that simply having the right qualifications and experience is enough to land them the job and impress hiring managers.

What’s wrong with that way of thinking is that every candidate who has been interviewed likely has the same set of skills as you. Employers aren’t as likely to be impressed by your resume as much as by what additional benefits you bring to the table.

Showing off these soft skills in an interview is an instant way to set yourself apart from other candidates and stick in the minds of the hiring manager.

Soft Skills Definition

According to, soft skills are “desirable qualities for certain forms of employment that do not depend on acquired knowledge: they include common sense, the ability to deal with people, and a positive flexible attitude.”

It’s easy to see why hiring managers would seek someone with these abilities. Relying on hard skills will only take you so far in your career. Your ability to deal with different people, attitudes, and environments is just as important.

In order to be a successful employee, the ability to thrive in any work environment and cooperate with any type of person is vital.

Soft Skills Vs. Hard Skills

While your soft skills are your social and cooperative abilities, your hard skills are the skills you developed through education and experience.

Hard skills are learned and trained, whether it be through earning a college degree, obtaining a certification, completing an internship, or all of the above.

When giving out your resume and completing job applications you are giving employers an overview of your hard skills, such as the qualifications, training, and experience you will need for the job.

The ultimate difference between hard skills and soft skills is this:

  • Hard skills – the teachable abilities specific to certain industries or tasks, proving to hiring managers that you know how to get the job done right.
  • Soft skills – the ability to create a harmonious atmosphere with coworkers, socialize with others, communicate well, and work as a team in order to maintain a positive and productive work environment.

Hard skills in the field of internet marketing, for example, are skills such as knowledge of SEO, content marketing, and web content, all of which can be acquired through education and job experience.

Soft Skills Hiring Managers Want You to Have

Like hard skills, soft skills can also be learned and developed, and since hiring managers care so much about these skills, it’s important to develop as many as you can.

However, the definition of soft skills is quite broad, and the list of examples never seems to end.

As a result, it can be difficult to choose which soft skills are best for the position you’re applying for, and which to improve first.

Despite the myriad of skills out there, there are  essential soft skills every hiring manager wants you to have.

We have tailor made training modules developed to improve upon the performance and productivity, from all soft skills to Sales Management Process, even Strategic thinking for the CEO. We conduct these programs in-house or outsourced and also conduct for the individuals based on specific assessment.


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The content is made through a thorough research and analysis. The interview skills are based to pass on Artificial Intelligence used during interview which consists of 50 + questions and answers. The Q&A is behavioral, logical, analytical and psychological on which interview results are based upon.